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Louise Marino has been in the hospital since April 30th, 2011 in critical condition. She was found unresponsive by her husband and was rushed to the hospital. Louise and her husband Jack of 32 years, just moved into their dream home, and he named it Palazzo de Louisa "in honor of my green eyed bride".  It was a week to the day after the move that she was rushed to the hospital. At first doctors thought Louise had a massive heart attack and/or stroke, but her blood sugar dropped to 20 and she is not a diabetic. The doctors did not know what caused Louise to become comatose. Eventually they believed she accidentally took her husband's diabetes medication. Louise was in a coma for days and most of her organs were shutting down. The first week was very scary and heartbreaking for her family and friends. Within five days Louise eventually opened her eyes. In time her organs and vitals slowly returned to normal. After being in ICU for over a week she has been moved to long-term sub acute care facility. The doctors do not know the extent of brain damage, if any, at this point. Louise is awake and moving around, but still not responding to commands. We are all very hopeful and pray for Louise to come back to us.

 On behalf of Jack and his family we ask for your prayers and support. At the present time, there is no long-term financial solution in place to fund the ongoing medical expenses for Louise's care. This fund has been established in her name to provide support to meet Louise's future medical expenses. We thank you again for all your support.

Louise with her first grandchildren in  2010. It was twice the surprise for the entire family. Identical twin girls!

This website has been created for Louise’s family and friends, whose outpouring of love and prayers have been very much appreciated. We want to be able to update you on Louise’s progress, and future fundraising events. The family would like to  thank you  for all your support during this difficult time.

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Jack & Louise’s 1978 Wedding

Louise made the most beautiful bride